travelling the seven parts of the world


Feb 1st, 2008

A very modern, yet quiet city, arriving in Perth was quite the culture shock. Everything was much more quiet, the streets in the city center were deserted by 8:00 PM. It really did feel like arriving in a city in the middle of nowhere.

The first thing that hit us was that everything was so much more expensive, and there wasn't much choice. It reminded me of Latvia a lot - virtually nothing is produced here, so everything has to be imported through huge distances, making things a lot more expensive and make choice a lot smaller. Road trains are not something you see on the highways of Australia, its the main thing you see.

Another thing that was blatantly obvious was how people just seem to spend time not doing work. This was in huge contrast to say Hong Kong, where everyone seemed to be busy with something. There was no obvious way of figuring out what people do in this remote corner of Australia, or how people actually make money. It seemed like people here were just financed by other parts of the country.

Perth has interesting traffic lights for pedestrians that seemed to make Star Wars laser style beeps when they turn green. I guess this is either for blind or stupid people. Either way, this beep sound should be made only when you press a switch, but the traffic lights next to our hotel were obviously broken, as it made those beeping sounds every minute. This could be remedied by closing the window. But, this hotel has some bad air conditioners that leak water - which falls down to our floor from the floor above - drop by drop, making "puk, puk, puk" sounds with a 5 second interval. This is something I bet the US Army uses to interrogate terrorists as it drives you mad. This sound can be done away with if you open the window, as then the drops fall on a slope of glass and there is no sound. But if you open the window you get to hear those Star Wars laser style beeps. AAAARGH!

Overall though, Perth is a nice place, situated next to the large Swan River. There really isn't much to it and you can walk all through the center in a couple of hours easily. This is a building called the Swan Bells: