travelling the seven parts of the world
Oct 2nd, 2007

A phone in the room next to ours rang. I ignored it and slowly drifted back to sleep. It was Kriss' phone, the car rental company had ringed him. Turns out he had parked the car in the middle of a public marketplace. I have to say, this was Greek hospitality at best (again) - instead of calling the police and them towing away the car and us having to pay a gigantic fine, they had called the Hertz number on the license plate, and Hertz passed on the info. Kriss went to recover the car, and bought a sixpack of beer for the guy who was the owner of the stand the car was sitting at. If this was, say, Germany, or even Latvia, they would have fined us outta the wazoo.

After a short breakfast we were off to return the car. We hoped for the best - that they wouldn't notice the new bump and we get to keep the 300 euros - and the best happened. The lady at the rental service just turned on the engine to see that the car still turns on, and that was it. We were off the hook!

After that we were off to explore Athens, most notably, the terribly crowded Acropolis.

In the evening it was drinking time! We found a place near our apartment, a simple spot that served pizza and wine and something else. We drank several liters, and during this highly intellectual state, we realized that we really don't want to be hanging around in Athens for several days. For some reason the whole place just didn't appeal that much, we had been there for two days and had this feeling that we've already seen everything there is to see. But we had no car to go anywhere else, and even if we did, we had already driven around all the nearby places. Since my guidebook was called "GREECE athens & the mainland" all I could do was stare at blank, yellow contours that marked small islands near Athens.

While the ladies went to sleep, us, the 3 guys, walked to a nearby internet cafe to check out the situation in our bank accounts and see what exactly those contour lines represented. For some reason we chose the islands of Poros and Hydra as the most appealing, though I have absolutely no recollection as to why or how. I can tell you for sure we had no map and no idea where these islands were, but I did find the website of a ferry company that took people to all islands on Greece, and I guess we must've chosen these two by how short the trip was. We decided to go to the closest of the two, Poros, on the next day, see what its like, and maybe on the day after that we could take a trip to Hydra. You might ask, Aegina and Spetses are right there as well, why not go there?

I have no idea. It was damn fine wine.