travelling the seven parts of the world
Jan 22nd, 2008

The flight from Riga to Helsinki was surprisingly good, with just 11 people in the airplane, and we even got snacks despite flying only 45 minutes, which was a nice surprise.

The flight to Hong Kong on the other hand wasn't easy. There was literally no on-board entertainment (you had no TV for yourself, just 3 TVs at the end of the plane that rarely showed anything of interest). There were 2 babies sitting within 5 rows of us, and they took turns crying (when one stopped, the other one started, and vice versa). This was a 10 hour flight, extremely tiring, especially because we were already tired before it. I ended up sleeping a few hours, but Liene did not sleep at all. Finnair's long flights are definitely not as good as British Airway's.

We got to our hotel using the train, and ended up falling asleep completely exhausted, at 2PM.