travelling the seven parts of the world
Feb 23rd, 2008

The Great Ocean road is possibly the best known attraction in the Melbourne region. Itís a road that was built purely to attract tourists to the area, and it has quite succeeded. Driving along the road offers some of the best coastal scenery youíre going to see ever, with huge coastal cliffs, several of whom have been cut off from the coast and now stick out from the water. These are called the 12 apostles, but one of them actually collapsed so now theyíve got only 11. I guess in a few more years this tourist attraction wonít be there at all.

We decided to take an organized tour, as we found a pretty cheap one. There was also the slight problem that even though the road is supposedly located next to Melbourne, the whole drive is 580 km, and we didnít fancy doing that on long and windy road.

One of the other great things about going on a tour is that you sometimes find things youíre not going to see without a guide. Here the tour bus driver found us some Koala Bears living in their natural environment. These are fascinating animals, not just because they are so cute, or because they are not really bears, but because they get to sleep for 20 hours a day. What a life it must be.

These guys devour lots of eucalyptus leaves. In fact, we saw about half a dozen Koalas and they had devoured a whole area, as they eat leaves until the trees die, and then move on to the next set of trees. Because eucalyptus tree leaves donít give them much energy, these guys are literally forced to sleep 20 hours a day; otherwise they would run out of energy. This also is what makes them so slow, which is of course, another reason they are so cute. I wonder how they manage to mate.

The great ocean road is fantastic, as are the Twelve Apostles. We also had some dramatic weather, it being quite cold, windy, and cloudy, that made things even better. We also met a couple of people from Latvia who were on the same tour bus, what were the chances of that, eh?