travelling the seven parts of the world
Mar 2nd, 2008

After leaving the Crocodylus Park, we set out for Katherine, a small town about 300km to the south of Darwin. It was pretty late, so we got hit by the afternoon rain somewhere near the town of Adelaide River, which came as a shock to us, because we had never been in a car on a highway during a regular tropical downpour.

Naturally, we pulled over into the town, but there was a lot of water on the roads because it was raining so hard. At one point Liene exclaimed "LOOK LOOK I'M DRIVING THROUGH A RIVER!!" but really it was just raining only slightly harder than normal. I know this because we stopped at a shop where I bought some medicine for that bad hold I acquired in Kings Canyon Resort despite it being +50 degrees C outside, and in that shop I spent a good few minutes interrogating the shopkeeper.

Apparently, the rains shouldn't be as hard as now, but this was pretty normal. If we stuck to the Stuart Highway, which is the only link Darwin has to the outside world, we should be OK. But we also wanted to go to Kakadu. Apparently, the Kakadu highway which goes into Kakadu from the south is OK for travel most times during the year, but the Arnhem highway, which goes in from the west, was closed just, get this, yesterday.

This means that we might actually drive to a place where we can get stuck for days until water levels drop and we can go back where we came from.

After moments of hesitation we proceeded forward to town of Katherine. There is not much to Katherine, most people on the streets were aboriginals who appeared to do what they do best, which is just linger around doing nothing. Katherine has some hot springs but those were flooded, and some park, and the road to that park can be seen in the above picture. It was actually the first time in my life I saw a road leading straight into water like that.

We had possibly the best check-in we've had during the trip in Katherine. The guy was white with a shaved head and was carrying a 1L bottle of Johnny Walker. My first impression was that one of his hobbies must be shooting aboriginal people. But he was really a very nice guy.

"So, where y'all from?"
"Oh, we're from Latvia"
"Latvia! Holy CRAP"

"Is that a country? Where the hell is that??"
"Uhhh, north - east Europe, you know like, Sweden?"

He had a long stare at Liene's breasts and decided that we might, indeed, be telling the truth and that Latvia could be near Sweden.

"So, what's Latvia famous for? Women and beer?"
"Pretty much!"
"Do you guys get to beat up russians there??"