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The first time we went to Canada, we did a small jaunt into it during our trip of western North America. I had initially thought of spending a lot more time in Canada doing some hiking, but the weather was rainy and cold, so we ended up sticking around for just 4 days.

The border guards did everything they could to ruin our first impression of Canada. We were interrogated about everything from who we were to what my mother ate on the morning of departure. The best bit was when he asked me for the ticket home, I got him a printed out sheet with the scheduled departure. This was not a ticket of any sorts, just a web printout with my name in it, something I could have forged in less time it took him to read the thing, which was several minutes. What a total joke.

I came to like Canada, even though we didn't end up spending much time there. The accent is something closer to home. The scenery is spectacular, but the weather is nothing to call home about. If I ever go for a longer period, I need some sort of a contingency plan, like an alternative of what to do if its +19C and raining all the time. We just headed south for USA.

One thing I really loved about Canada is how you can pay everywhere with a credit card, even campgrounds. Cash is pretty much redundant in this country. As someone who doesn't want to exchange money into their dollars, I found this very convenient.

Second time we went there was during our second trip around the world. We stopped only in Toronto, which was a very cosmopolitan place and could have been in virtually any country of the world. There really wasn't a whole lot to indicate that the day of our arrival was Canada day, we couldn't find anything much happening. The Chinatown, which is where we stayed, was one of the more pleasant ones I've been to. We were there for the U2 show, but it got canceled because Bono needed to scratch his back or something. I would say Toronto is a nice place to live in (I could picture myself living there), but not somewhere you need to go out of your way to travel to.