travelling the seven parts of the world


Apr 2nd, 2008

The best thing about Ecuador is undoubtedly the price of 5 star hotels. For our first night, before going to Galapagos Islands, we stayed in Sheraton, which was possibly the best hotel I have ever spent a night in my life. Too bad it was so short. And it cost just $98!

When we came back from Galapagos Islands, we had 2 days in Quito, but we ended up spending them in another 5* hotel, Dann Carlton, also for $90/night. Partly because I needed to get some work done, and partly because of the culture shock. There is nothing particularly wrong with Quito, Ecuador, or any of the neighboring countries, but as we found out later, they take getting used to. You just don't feel very comfortable walking on the streets right off the bat.

So we left exploration of Quito and Ecuador to another trip, and on 2nd of April we were off to Lima.