travelling the seven parts of the world

We're experiencing huge timezone difference problems today. Hong Kong is 6 hours ahead of Riga time, so when its midnight in Riga, its 6AM in Hong Kong. We went to sleep at 2PM yesterday, and woke up at 8PM, then couldn't sleep, and just napped for an hour here or there. We ended up being able to fall asleep at about 4AM (which is 10PM the previous day in Riga time) and woke up at approximately 1PM. Not much time left in the day to do stuff.

The good thing is that I had planned for this, which is why we have 4 days to spend in Hong Kong.

Doing some basic counting about these flights, it appears as though we're going to lose approx. 6 days during our trip (and at least additional 3 days when we get back to Riga) due to timezone differences - not because timezone differences eat up time, but because timezone differences make you feel tired and go to sleep when everyone else is just waking up. As the trip is planned to be over 3 months long, this isn't too much of a problem, but if we tried to circle the globe in less than a month, it would be.

It appears as though Liene is a bit sick. Last night she didn't feel too well, probably because she had caught a cold before in Latvia, and now, when her organism was weakened by the flight to here, she fell ill.