travelling the seven parts of the world
Feb 11th, 2008

The drive from Picton to Christchurch takes about 5 hours on a road where it seems like the only 2 towns are, you guessed it, Picton and Christchurch. The scenery though is pretty nice, mountains interchanging with beaches, and the occasional passing line that finally lets you go past those houses on the road they call camping vans.

Christchurch itself is a nice town, the biggest in South Island. Left with a bad hotel experience in Wellington we settled for one of the first free motels we could find, and when we did, we realized that we were practically in the center of the city, because distances by car are really small here. In fact, we still had no idea how close we were, so when we set out to walk across the main park in Christchurch to reach the city center, we were actually walking away from it. By some bizzare reason we took a few strange turns and ended up walking out of the park not far from where we went in, and then it dawned upon us that we were in the city center after all.

The very center is indicated by the church (seen above), which I venture to guess is what makes up the "church" in "Christchurch", but one of the schools there, which definitely had either Christ or God in its name, was just as good looking. Either way, there isn't much to cities or towns down here, most look like ripped out of the American mid-west, with a slight British bend, and definitely not up to par with European standards, so we retired back to our hotel room, as we knew tomorrow, one way or another, was going to be a long day.