travelling the seven parts of the world
Apr 6th, 2008

Nazca Lines are definitely one of the most intriguing places on earth, on par with say, Easter Island. Nobody nows how the lines were made, nobody knows why, what for. There is some speculation, however, and here are some of the most popular versions:

1. Aliens did it. Except that there's no proof of this.

2. The lines were used for irrigation. Except nobody can tell me why they needed a monkey shape irrigation figure.

3. The lines were walked in as a part of a ritual to make the gods open up the sky across the Andes so rain would come.

The last version is the most accepted one nowadays, especially now that they have discovered that the lines making increased at the same time that a period of drought can be seen in the glacial records of the Andes glaciers. This, however, fails to explain the existence of figures such as the astronaut... what exactly where the Nazca people trying to do there??

Most likely we will never know.

The only way to see the lines is from the air, from aircraft like the one above. It seats 5 passengers plus the pilot, and let me just tell you, do not eat much before the flight or it may all end up coming out. The plane ride is very rough, the plane keeps on turning in 45 degree angles to show the figures under its wing to passengers on one side, and then flies in a 45 degree angle to the other side to show it to people on the other side, and so on for each figure, encircling each one. The total length of the flight is 35 minutes, and that is really all you need.

The lines themselves are not THAT big, they can be seen from air only, but flying as high as the aircraft, some appear small. Some are more clear than others. Some can be hardly seen. All the lines you can see are shown in the top picture, and we did succeed at seeing every one.

Some lines are vague, click on the picture to open a larger image so you can see better!

One of the first figures is above, and is considered to be one of the landing strips for alien ships... if you're into that kind of stuff.

The next figure is the astronaut. Precisely what they might have been trying to do when Nazcans made this figure is a complete mystery. In fact, I failed to even hear any good theory.

One of the very clear figures is the spider, as seen above. This is also about the real size of a figure you can see from air, so yes, they are a bit small and you need to zoom in with your camera a lot to get very good closeup pictures.

Above you can see the Condor, the largest bird in the area... and the whole world, actually.

This is the hummingbird, one of the clearest figures in the area.

These are called "the hands", which basically means we have no idea what this figure really is.

This last one is the heron, and is possibly the largest and the coolest figure around. That is a close-up and here you can see the whole thing:

That flight was absolutely exhausting! In fact, we felt so sick, we hardly ate anything for the rest of the day.