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Alaska and the West


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We had already been to USA the year before this trip, and we really enjoyed it - it was refreshing after Europe. Not a year had passed, and we had already decided we want to go again. In this trip I included most of the places we hadn't been to yet but wanted to go to - Alaska, Canada's most beautiful national parks, Seattle with Mt Rainier, Glacier National Park, Mt Rushmore, the Rockies - and a couple of places we wanted to go to again - Grand Canyon, Las Vegas.

To get to Alaska we flew from Riga to Helsinki to New York to Seattle to Anchorage - hey, it is half way around the world for me. We flew home from Las Vegas to New York to Helsinki to Riga. All the tickets were booked through and all the hotels through, which I find the most convenient. We didn't book anything ahead, only the hotel for the first night after arrival from a plane, which I always find very convenient.

The costs in Alaska are out of this world. It was so cold, rainy and bleak on all days we were there we didn't have the courage to sleep in a tent and ended up spending a lot of money on hotels. Car rental is quite expensive too. In the West costs went down quite considerably, as nearly every night was spent in a tent, and the car rental was pretty cheap.

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