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In what was the most incredible journey of our life, we spent 3 months traveling around the world eastwards, visiting mostly places in the southern hemisphere (opposite to where I live in the world) - New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Easter Island and Galapagos being the most well known.

This trip was done using OneWorld Alliance's round-the-world ticket. This kept the price of the airplane tickets down to reasonable levels, but we still spent a lot on flights. We ended up taking a total of 33 flights for a staggering total flight distance of 86,400 km (54,000 miles). Add to that approximately 5,500km (3,400 miles) of driving, and add cruises, ferries, buses and you get a total distance of 94,000 km (59,000 miles) or 2,35 times around the world at the equator.

UPDATE: The oneworld RTW ticket has changed. You no longer get 20 flights, but 16 segments. That means if you're traveling overland somewhere (even if from one airport to another), that will count toward your 16 segment total, and the prices have gone up slightly, which just plain simple sucks. Unless you can fill in all 16 flights the way you want them to, I can't recommend this ticket, it will be more convenient to just book flights separately. It was already a dubious buy when it had 20 flights, because oneworld doesn't always fly when and where you need them to, and all your flight dates were fixed before you left, and if you happened to miss a flight, all your flights were canceled (which is ridiculous). If you want to include 5 or 6 continents, quite frankly I have no idea how you'd reach all the places with 16 flights. On our 5 continent trip, 16 segments only takes us from Riga to Honolulu. So this ticket is useful only in few select occasions.

I did end up booking with a tour company in Peru, mostly because one way or another you use their services. Everywhere else, I only booked the first night upon arrival, after that we decided what we wanted to do from that point on. We managed to rent a car easily in all the places we wanted to. None of the activities were pre-booked, we just went and did what we wanted to. I did however plan where and when to go before we left. This worked out nicely, as in places where I had planned nothing we often ended up wasting large amounts of time just figuring out what to do next.

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