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Greece Mainland


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We went on a short 10 day trip to Greece Mainland in October 2007, just after our first big trip, to the USA.

On this trip we enjoyed the company of a bunch of great friends (altogether there were 8 of us). This is the only trip I've been to with a group of friends, and I think it worked out great. We flew in directly from Riga, rented a car on the next day, to set out for Corinth.

We managed to enjoy Greek hospitality, ran where the old Olympians had ran, got our car bumped by a 17 Greek without a driver's license or any English knowledge, got our future predicted at the Delphi Oracle, dressed up in the monasteries at Meteora, climbed Mt Olympus, largest mountain in Greece and one of the largest mountains in Europe by relative height, got stuck in crowds at the Acropolis in Athens, enjoyed empty beaches in Poros and ran from bad landlords in Hydra. Some of us also enjoyed the art of stepping on a sea urchin and screaming with excruciating pain.

It was great.

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